Venom was a fucking blast, well at least for the first two-thirds of the movie. Tom Hardy delivers a lovely well-thought character to its audience. My main issues with this film was lack of drive and want from our villain Carlton Drake played by Riz Ahmed, and the absence of a build up to battle Riot, the symbiote paired with Drake. I could of done with less car chase and more utter nonsense from our favorite violent alien. Casting lost with Michelle Williams and Jenny Slate. Both characters were reduced to a simple meaningless female role, no underneath layers that proved to the viewer the characters had anything to risk. You will get your dose of action-hero violence and lame “it cannot be” romance, but what saves this film was Tom Hardy’s performance. What could have made this film was an R-rating and a better plot. We deserve a kick-ass Venom film, and I hope one day we get it.